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Hotel Wireless Networking


GuestLinX has provided guest Internet services to hotels and hospitality companies since 1999. It's no accident that we have become one of the largest privately-held hotel HSIA providers in the US, thanks to our commitment to offering exceptional service, our implementation of the absolute best technology, our cherished forward-looking clients, and our extraordinary team.
Our clients range from multi-billion dollar corporations to single hotel owners, from five-star, five-diamond hotels to limited service hotels, and from hotel management groups to hotel ownership groups, and all have one thing in common: they understand and embrace the concepts of value and a job well-done. As importantly, our clients understand that vendor relationships are partnerships where both client and vendor operate in unison under one simple and common goal: to provide an amazing guest experience.

Implementation Process
The GuestLinX difference starts during the sales process. Our experienced sales team will work with potential customers to establish their needs, then customize a unique, turn-key solution. With years of experience implementing HSIA solutions in hundreds of hotels nationwide, our account executives and sales engineers will offer the best and most reliable options for long term stability, ensuring excellent performance and guest satisfaction.
Our certified installation technicians will then deploy the GuestLinX Network, working with the client to ensure the shortest possible service interruption during installation. Our install technicians are trained to use the necessary resources to ensure full network integrity in 100% of the hotel. GuestLinX invests in the best technology possible for our client's network, making a commitment to the long-term integrity of the system. To ensure quality control and excellent attention to detail, we only use Certified GuestLinX Technicians, never contractors, for an installation.
Once the GuestLinX deployment is complete, we stand behind our work in the form of industry leading remote support, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our Pennsylvania based in-house Call Center and Network Operations Center (NOC) is always just a phone call away. Over 95% of incoming calls are answered within 60 seconds by our friendly and knowledgeable Help desk technicians, who treat our clients’ guests as if they were our guests. Behind the scenes, GuestLinX technicians use proactive support techniques, designed to identify and resolve problems quickly, and without service interruption. Combined with our proprietary management software, self healing enterprise grade systems and a highly trained team, most network issues are resolved before our clients know there was a problem. Unlike other support companies that focus on equipment sales and one time installations, GuestLinX builds systems that last, and profits most when our networks function optimally.

Guest Internet Features

Central Management
Unlike most other HSIA providers, GuestLinX networks are centrally managed from our secure and reliable NOC and data center in Pennsylvania. This allows us ultimate flexibility and efficient management. Much like a cloud based system infrastructure, most of the heavy duty processing happens through our central management, freeing up resources on the property's network equipment for localized tasks.



Fully Managed and Monitored Networks
GuestLinX manages thousands of devices across hundreds of networks. We monitor our systems using multiple techniques which identify potential issues with failing or unstable equipment prior to the issue becoming noticeable to guests.


Redundancy and Self Healing Architecture

GuestLinX professional network engineers design and maintain networks that automatically detect certain problems such as wireless interference and rogue access points, and proceed to apply self-healing techniques. GuestLinX networks also have the ability to detect problems with network equipment or broadband connections, and automatically power cycle all related devices in an effort to restore connectivity. Our bandwidth aggregation, failover, and load-balancing solution provides redundancy and prevents ISP failure from disabling guest Internet access.


Zero-configuration for guests
Most of GuestLinX millions of annual users employ standard network settings. However, those who have corporate restrictions or VPN settings designed to improve security can rest easy because GuestLinX networks' intelligent design requires no configuration changes.


In a world full of spyware, adware, and other viruses, GuestLinX goes to great lengths to make sure guest computers are isolated from one another, and guest and admin networks are securely separated.

Hotel Personalized Management Console
Through our Command and Control Center management console, our clients can check network status and health, create trouble tickets, view who is online, generate reports, change access codes, order in-room materials, schedule and manage meeting room access, and more.


Multiple SSIDs, Networks, Flexibility
GuestLinX networks provide ultimate functionality through intelligent design, allowing our hotel clients a great deal of flexibility when they need to operate a parallel network, utilize a GuestLinX private and hidden staff network, or add managed network devices like IP time clocks, cameras, or other devices.


Bandwidth and Abuse Management
All GuestLinX networks use per user bandwidth management to make sure single users do not over utilize the network and slow down other guests. If peer to peer file sharing, virus activity or network abuse is detected, offending users can be blocked and automatically sent a warning through a customized page which explains they are suspended from use and to call our help desk for assistance in identifying the offending program and shutting it down.

Network Monetization thru Tiered Internet Offerings
GuestLinX strongly believes that even in situations where HSIA is offered for free, there are multiple revenue streams which can still be tapped when the service is reliable and creates perceived value. We have created engines to help hotels monetize their networks, including: advertising on the login pages, Tiered speed upgrades, hotel-to-guest messaging through persistent browser bar, and advanced meeting room service functionality that allows for enhanced revenues for premium services.



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