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Assisted Living / Health Care

Staying connected with friends and loved ones has been shown to promote health and healing. To help, GuestLinX can provide high-speed wireless internet access to all your residents and families.

No seniors over 65 want to consider themselves as  “old,” and most of them are not disabled. Most of them are also tech-savvy and have the skill-sets to use computers, tablets, smart phones and wireless internet access. When they look for  and move into senior communities they expect the housing to reflect these diverse needs.

The aging of tech-savvy baby boomers who want to retain control over their own lives will lead to greater adoption of wireless and mobile health products, helping to reposition healthcare around patients. A new report from MIT, “Boomers, Technology & Health:  Consumers Taking Charge!” says “Boomers have every reason to be one of the primary drivers of connected health... A significant piece of connected health is online and mobile social networking.


GuestLinX secure networks allow residents to stay in touch with family members and friends through Email or video conference. It  also  allows them to stay informed on what is happening around the world by browsing the internet. Family members can visit and be close to their loved ones while attending to their own daily affairs on  the internet. Lastly, health care professionals can administer to their patients more efficiently using the latest HIPAA compliant technologies.

Our network professionals have the skill and  experience you need to engineer, install and support your high-speed networks. We understand that your residents depend on your WiFi services to stay in touch with family and friends and to surf  the web.

At GuestLinX we offer our customers a complete suite of professional wireless internet services, such as network design, implementation  and  monitoring. Once your network is complete, you’ll be backed by top-level help desk and network support professionals, including our US-based 24/7 Help Desk. When your residents have questions that need  immediate answers, our expert staff will assist you with  prompt  and effective solutions.

We have flexible financing options and can install your network with absolutely no upfront costs, if you’re a qualified customer.

When you work with us, you’ll get the quality and service that has made us a trusted partner to many of  the leading hotel brands, senior communities, Health Care facilities, MDUs, and resorts across the country.












Let us design, install and manage your HIPAA compliant network so that you conform to all the following policies and standards.



HIPAA Policies on the Standards for Technical Safeguards

  • Access Control

  • Unique User Identification

  • Emergency Access Procedure

  • Automatic Logoff

  • Encryption and Decryption

  • Audit Controls

  • Integrity

  • Mechanism to Authenticate Electronic Protected Health Information

  • Person or Entity Authentication

  • Transmission Security

  • Integrity Controls


Supplemental Policies for Required HIPAA Policies

  • Wireless Security Policy

  • Email Security Policy

  • Analog Line Policy

  • Dial-in Access Policy

  • Automatically Forwarded Email Policy

  • Remote Access Policy

  • Ethics Policy

  • VPN Security Policy

  • Extranet Policy

  • Internet DMZ Equipment Policy

  • Network Security Policy




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