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Office Administrative Networking



  •  Install and configure desktop operating systems and applications.

  • Troubleshoot the desktop operating system, desktop applications, and desktop networking and connectivity issues

  •  Install and configure hardware devices and drivers (printers, fax, scanners etc…)

  • Troubleshoot hardware devices and drivers

  • Escalate complex issues to the appropriate administrator or  support company

  •  Install and test department-specific and line-of-business (LOB) applications on end-user computers.

  • Change desktop configurations as needed

  •  Re-image desktops as needed

  •  Manage workflow

  • Maintain data backup policies

  •  Maintaining and optimizing the messaging system (email server)

  •  Monitoring and reporting on the messaging system


Most of our client relationships begin with a thorough evaluation of their IT systems. The purpose of this technology evaluation is to establish a comprehensive mutual understanding of the IT infrastructure, the reasoned steps needed to improve it and the documentation to efficiently provide on-going support. Clients receive a detailed report on each aspect of their system, the exposures they represent to their business and budgetary recommendations for specific improvements. Certified engineers inspect and document the infrastructure including:


  • Servers

  • Switches

  • Security

  • Cabling

  •  Physical Environment        

  • Workstations

  • Services and Monitoring

  • Backup and Redundancy

  • Applications

We evaluate each network component by degree of exposure categorized as CRITICAL, RELIABILITY RELATED or PERFORMANCE RELATED exposures.

CRITICAL exposures are issues that can cause the network to stop functioning, lose data, or prevent data recovery or system reconstruction in the event of a failure.

RELIABILITY issues are those that cause the network to become unstable or provide inconsistent performance, but without resulting in critical loss of data, or functionality or serviceability.

PERFORMANCE issues are those that can affect system responsiveness or throughput, but without a significant loss of data or functionality.

The client receives a report which includes:


  •  An overview of the technology infrastructure

  • Summarized and detailed lists of business exposures

  • Recommendations broken down by both degree of exposure and by technical function

  • Network diagrams

  • A list of projects recommended to address weaknesses and their associated costs

  • Product specifications and equipment sourcing recommendations

  • Definitions of technical terms

  • Raw data used to compile the report


GuestLinX designs, installs, and supports Local and Wide Area Network (LAN and WAN) infrastructures for small and medium sized businesses. GuestLinX creates and supports computer systems and communication infrastructures to allow clients to focus on what they do best - run their business.

Our typical clients have between 10 and 200 workstations. We function as business consultants and IT partners to help clients leverage their IT investment to give them a competitive advantage. For clients with Information Technology (IT) departments we complement their skills with areas of expertise they may not require on a regular basis. For others we ARE their IT department.


  • Provide all forms of secure network connectivity - internal, external, and wireless

  • 24/7 support

  •  Disaster recovery planning

  • Network security solutions to protect proprietary data

  • Hardware and software sales

  • Provide proactive on-going maintenance to ensure a higher level of efficiency

  • Install cable and fiber to support voice and data using our licensed telecommunications team

  • Support Layer 1, 2, and 3 switches



  • Design and install multiple remote site networking

  • Create secure Virtual Private Networks (VPNs)

  • Provide the latest technologies for security and reliability

  • Network management services

  • Telecommuting solutions

  • Router programming, installation and support


Our Credentials Include:

  • Microsoft

  • Certified Small Business Specialist

  • Certified Solutions Provider

  • Authorized Novell Partner

  • Cisco Certifications

  • Sonicwall  Partner

  • Citrix Partner

  • Ruckus Partner

  • Nomadix Partner


Authorized Resellers For:

  • 3Com

  • Cisco

  • HP/Compaq

  • Ruckus

  • Nomadix

  • Elfiq


Your On-Site Network Support Partner

GuestLinX understands the hotel management business, since hospitality networking is our core business. We combine our extensive knowledge of IT infrastructure with our knowledge of the hospitality industry. The result is that we work closely with you to provide an integrated, total solution to meet your business objectives and goals.

GuestLinX designs, provisions and supports all hotel management company networks: corporate/back office, property management systems and guest/meeting rooms.

Network Services


  •  Design, installation and support of LAN/WAN.

  • Onsite network evaluations.

  • Voice and Data.

  • VO/IP telecommunications.

  • Network monitoring.

  • Onsite and remote technical support.

  • 24x7x365 Help Desk

  • Hardware & software procurement.

  • Security and firewall protection.

  • Disaster recovery.

  • Managed Network Services

  • Cabling/Wiring Services

  • Voice, Data, Video, Wireless and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA.)

  • In-room guest services: HSIA, Triple Play and Wifi.   

  • Video network design and installation PMS/POS infrastructure.

  • New construction or renovation.

  • Computer room design builds.

  • FDDI/Fiber Optic. Cat 5e, Cat 6.

  • Security/access systems.

  • Infrastructure evaluations.

  • Distribution systems, network layout.

Experience and Resources

  • GuestLinX knows the unique business challenges hotel management companies face. We see the big picture and understand the important role technology plays in contributing to your bottom line. We have over twenty years experience in the hospitality industry.

  • Our technical (networking) and cable/wiring teams work closely together, allowing you to simplify your infrastructure and deal with one primary interface.

  • We have strong partnerships with major vendors to the hotel industry, enabling us to manage entire projects and eliminating your need to deal with multiple suppliers.

  • We have extensive experience connecting corporate locations to remote sites via dedicated circuit, VPN or remote access.

  • We are certified by Microsoft, HP, Citrix, Novell, Cisco, Sonicwall, and others.

  • We have wired over 20,000 hotel rooms for over 200 hotels. New construction and renovation.


Examples of Past Projects

  • Developing reservation center solutions to capture guest information, enabling marketing and cross-selling of products and services to guests at other company properties, regardless of franchise brand.

  • Providing special network services to hotel clients for large scale corporate meetings in ballrooms or conference centers. Includes temporary wiring of rooms, on-site technicians, laptop and system support and other services. Generates value-added revenue and ensures meeting and hotel rooms are booked.

  • Designing and implementing a scanning and e-transfer process to replace the paper transfer process between centralized accountants and remote controllers, resulting in thousand of dollars saved in paper and shipping costs.

  • Consolidating and standardizing corporate e-mail systems between centralized corporate offices and hotels. Includes remote access solutions.



  • Utilize capital projects to implement new room designs that support new technology, such as triple play.

  • Upgrade from DSL to Ethernet to WIFI for HSIA.

  • Consider clean (allergen free) rooms.

  • Incorporate hi-tech rooms to generate additional revenue

  • Get involved with HFTP or other organizations that can help you plan your future use of technology.

  • Choose an established HSIA vendor with a clear vision for the "room-of-the-future" and the financial backing to execute it.

  • Consider VO/IP phone services to regain revenue from in-room guests


GUESTLINX Memberships

  • American Hotel & Lodging Association

  • Hospitality Financial & Technical Professionals (HFTP)


Guest and Administration Networks Monitored by our Network Operation Center

Network Installation Services


  • Network Design

  • Fiber Installation

  • CAT-6 Installation

  • Cable Certification

  • Training Room Setup

  • ONQ Networks

  • Micros Networks

  • Saflok Networks

  • Digital Signage Networks

  • IP Security Systems

  • IHG Networks

  • Point of Sale System Installation

  • I.T. Consulting

  • Visio System Asbuilts

  • Auto CAD

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