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Vacation Home Services


Is your company overwhelmed with internet assistance calls? Is your guest internet affecting your guest satisfaction scores? GuestLinX will act as your in-house support for all your guest internet calls. Give us a call to discuss how we can help.


GuestLinX WiFi networks have been 100 per cent cloud managed since day one, and for good reason: no on-site server means better management, less downtime, fewer resets and far lower cost. It also means you can observe what’s happening on your guest wireless network in real time from anywhere using our web portal or smartphone apps for iOS and Android. We utilize the existing circuit installed at the property. We then install a GuestLinX Access Point in each property.  This gives us the ability to provide standardazition across your entire portofolio of properties and manage all your internet accounts for you.


  • Access code security

  • Portal page presented to every guest

  • 800 # help desk 24x7x365

  • Free to guest or tiered bandwidth revenue opportunities

Guranteed coverage in every room
GuestLinX can go where the others can’t. We’re ideal for vacation homes, condos, townhouses and resorts of all sizes: from boutique guest houses to expansive resorts and towers. With speeds up to 100 Mbps to each and every guest, you’ll always get 100% coverage with fast, strong signals in every room. We guarantee it.

Outage Response
Un-like the Cable or phone company GuestLinX understands the needs of your guests and how important it is for them to access the internet while on vacation. We guarantee that a GuestLinX technician will respond to a system outage within 24 hours to correct network challenges.

24/7/365 live guest support

When your guests have an issue with their wireless connection, they call us not the Property management company, Cable company or Phone company. Your guests will get professional technical support from a real person, based in North America, whenever they need it. Also, you increase productivity and avoid expensive technical training for your front-desk and maintenance staff.


Free upgrades for life

Why invest hundreds into a home router that will be out of date in a couple of years? With GuestLinX, you’ll get free software upgrades as they become available, so you and your guests will always have the latest technology


Advanced cloud management
GuestLinX manages guest networks through the cloud. That means there’s no servers on site and no logging-in to routers. Each unit checks in every few minutes, and when it can’t, it automatically resets, meaning less down-time and far fewer manual resets. Cloud management is the future, and GuestLinX is leading the way.

Live network monitoring
If you have an issue with your network, we’ll know about it before your guests even notice an interruption. Plus, with GuestLinX Dashboard, you can monitor your network activity and performance from anywhere in the world on the web, with your iphone, ipad, or Android phone or tablet device.

Bandwidth Managment

GuestLinX Dashboard allows us to limit guests to a certain amount of bandwidth, ensuring all of your guests have equally-distributed access. We can block network abusers who download illegal movies and TV shows, shielding your property from expensive and time-consuming legal issues from copywrite infringement.


Charge what you want
With GuestLinX, you can offer wireless Internet for free or generate additional revenue by charging users for tiered access. Ask us how we can help you set up, monitor, and collect automatic payments using credit cards or paypal.




Quick comparison
By partnering with GuestLinX, you’ll not only get the latest technology and a superior, hassle-free solution, but you’ll also increase guest satisfaction and provide the amenity they most expect.


See how we compare.

Wireless anywhere

small in stature and lacking any eye catching lights, GuestLinX open mesh wall units blend into the room environment, providing strong wireless signals where you need them.

For additional information call GuestLinX at 800-266-3585

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